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Titan Quest: Review @ Gaming Illustrated

by Dhruin, 2006-07-10 07:10:00
Titan Quest has been <a href="http://www.gamingillustrated.com/titanquest.php" target="_blank">reviewed</a> at Gaming Illustrated with a massive score of 94%:<blockquote><em>The game invariably will be compared to the all-time popular title Diablo 2, since the game acts, plays, and moves in a very similar fashion. Is that a bad thing? Heck no! Titan Quest feels like the latest and greatest to be sure with the awesome graphics, plus the ability to not just focus on one class system, but 2 for the duration of your character. That allows you to really mix and match the classes to make a nice variety of characters to play through more than once. Personally, the first go around I made a guy named a SBuff Manlya ? and made him Mr. Offense (Warrior Mastry + Earth Mastery). Dual wielding weapons, heavy armor, lots of charms, and all the skills I invested in give me an offensive bonus (fire, lightning, and other fun stuff). The result is a Battlemage, a guy that swings his weapons and hits monsters so hard they blow up. Ita "!s a beautiful thing to say the least and very tension relieving after a hard day at the office.</em></blockquote>

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