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CD Projekt RED - Tom Ohle Interview @ Gamasutra

by Dhruin, 2008-05-01 23:05:26

Although The Witcher is the obvious backdrop for this interview with CD PRojekt's VP of PR & Marketing, Tom Ohle, the actual topic of conversation is the nature of games PR:

What do you think are the unique aspects of working in PR for the video games industry? How does it differ from other entertainment industries?

The biggest difference, which completely changes the way we have to promote things, is that we release little bite-size pieces of info for months or years, always with products that aren't done. Planning is so important. Announce too early and you'll run out of stuff to talk about by launch. Announce too late and there's just not enough time to let people know about the game. Demo too early and you can spend months trying to recover your fanbase.

You need to have a good idea of how many screenshots, videos, dev diaries, etc. you'll need, when best to release them, where to push them out... do you try to score an exclusive in hopes of one big hit, or do you blast it out to everyone in a shotgun approach? And that's just the stuff you can control; you might be a month from release after a great PR campaign, and then your game gets delayed. The job is constantly changing, and that's part of what makes it so exciting.

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