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Jumpgate Evolution - Preview @ CVG

by Asbjoern, 2008-05-03 15:13:54

Jumpgate Evolution has been previewed at CVG with the usual hype, praise and low criticism. EVE Online is used as a general comparison:

Controlling your ship is much like your average FPS, with the weighty, smooth movement and combat of FreeSpace 2 interspersed with the missions (read: quests) of an MMO that will have you hurtling all over creation.

There'll be your average "kill 10 Conflux War Sprites" quests as well as more interesting, Death Star trench-style adventures, buzzing into the heart of a gigantic intergalactic ship like an angry mosquito, and taking it down from the inside and reaping the rewards.

While (unlike EVE) you can't fly the big ships, you certainly find yourself fighting both next to and against them, usually as an agent in a bigger conflict.

Source: Blues News

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