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Sacred 2 - Blind Guardian Q & A @ Gamespot UK

by Magerette, 2008-05-03 17:18:37

The official site for Ascaron's action rpg, Sacred 2:Fallen Angel, posts a link to an interview at Gamespot UK with German metal band Blind Guardian, who are involved with music for the game:

While there's a good chance you'll hear your favourite rock band's music in a game these days, it isn't every day that you get to go questing for the band in-game. That's exactly what fans of the German fantasy-metal band Blind Guardian will get to do in the hack-and-slash action RPG Sacred 2, planned for release on PC and Xbox 360 in late 2008...

GameSpot UK: How did Blind Guardian get involved with Sacred 2?

Hansi Kursch: That's quite an interesting story. Having three very active fantasy computer game nerds in the band, it's easy to imagine the big impact Sacred 1 has had on us. Because of their passion for Blind Guardian, some of the people at Ascaron in charge of Sacred 2 saw it as an opportunity to have us in the game musically. Coincidence or predestination? We'll never know. Fact is, when we were finally contacted by Ascaron, asking if we were interested in doing a song for the game, we immediately agreed to do so. So far the whole thing has been great fun for us. The reason for that is quite simple: Blind Guardian's music and the world of Ancaria perfectly blend together.

GS UK: What exactly can we expect from Blind Guardian in Sacred 2?

HK: At first we were only asked to do a song which would be used in the game. Later on, the Ascaron guys came up with the splendid idea of having us as resident [non-playable characters] in the world of Ancaria. We perform in the game as a kind of prize after a quest which our characters are involved in. We're here today to do motion capture for that performance, so it's a big challenge, and the first time we've ever done anything like this.

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