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Space Siege - Preview @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2008-05-07 00:48:04

Gas Powered Games' Space Siege has been previewed at Hooked Gamers in what looks to be an article based on existing material:

Seth’s actual humanity will be left up to the player as the game allows for cybernetic upgrades to improve certain skills Seth will be able to use. An example is when Seth has to cross through a room filled with toxic gas. As a player you have a choice to make; You could either replace your lungs to withstand the gas or just take some drugs to take care of the poisoning. The point of these situations is to allow for the player to be more immersed into the single-player story and be faced with the difficult choice of retaining your humanity or to turn into an all-powerful cybernetic being. The developers have said that a special surprise ending will await anyone willing to retain their full humanity through the whole game.

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