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Drakensang - Collector's Edition Update

by Gorath, 2008-05-09 21:38:43

The official PR on the German CE has arrived. dtp / Anaconda nailed that one. They´re showing other publishers what can be done for a mere 10 EUR more.

The Drakensang: The Dark Eye CE (see pic on Amazon.de)  includes:

  • Dragon Skin style box
  • Drakensang game DVD
  • Sound Track by Dynamedion on CD
  • Audio book "The Charlatan" (transl.) on another CD
  • Exclusive tin miniature "Lindwormkiller" (Post in the comments thread if you have a better translation. ;) )
  • 4th Edition official The Dark Eye rules, to give a taste of the pen & paper RPG
  • Leather map of Aventuria
  • Not listed but shown on the pic: A certficate "No. nnnn of 10.000"
Quite an impressive list!
Source: dtp/Anaconda

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Drakensang: TDE

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