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RPGWatch Feature: Dungeon Lords Retrospective

by Dhruin, 2008-05-10 01:07:56

We're planning to publish an irregular series of retrospectives going forward and Michael "txa1265" J. Anderson is first cab of the rank, starting with D.W. Bradley's Dungeon Lords. Why Dungeon Lords? You'll have to ask Mike about that but in the meantime, this article should give some insight. Here's a snip:

Braindead: when advancing in tiers of your class path you will be presented with the requirements for that level and whether or not you meet those requirements. For example, if you start as a Mage and complete the quest to become Sorcerer as a second-tier Mage class, the guild master will say ‘The Requirements are X, you meet those, would you like to advance?’ But you might realize that you don't actually meet any of those requirements! Don't worry - class advancement requirements are on the honor system! Seriously though, it looks like they wanted to implement them but didn't integrate them well enough that folks would be prepared, and the thought of forcing players to trudge back and forth checking requirements caused them to pitch the requirements...but not the dialogue stating whether or not the player met them.

Read it here.

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