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Vanguard - Dalmarus’ Chronicles @ TTH

by Woges, 2008-05-12 02:57:55

Update on Vanguard. 

The first item of note is that more character transfers have been announced. There are a number of players that have come back to the game in the last few months, but as such, missed the character transfers that ended in December. Players that were originally on Woefeather, Florendyl, or any of the other previously combined servers have come back to find they've been moved. Even if you have already taken advantage of an earlier character transfer, you can still transfer again. Read the announcement from Vanguard Community Representative, Ellyra, right here.

The second piece of information I want to make everyone aware of is a poll thread from Vanguard Developer, Silius, can be found here. The poll revolves around what the players would like to see happen in regards to the new faction system being implemented with the release of Game Update #5. Please read the entire post before voting. Silius is requesting that you only answer A, B, or C. That's it - no discussion, no debating, no conditions set, etc. Before anyone gets themselves all worked up over this though, it should be noted that there are multiple threads that are dedicated to the discussion and debate about the poll. If you wish to add your two cents, please use one of the existing threads instead of creating a new one.

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