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Sony Online Entertainment - John Smedley on the Transforming Industry

by Woges, 2008-05-12 14:37:15

MMOs like 3d graphics.

Speaking to the Seattle Times, president John Smedley said that Sony Online Entertainment - the operation he runs which recently became part of Sony's PlayStation-managing Computer Entertainment division - is banking big on this philosophy when it comes to new titles, including its next game The Agency.

"I would say [MMOs are] getting more mainstream. If I were characterizing it, I would say think of the video-gaming industry five years ago. That's kind of where I think we're at. ... Five years ago, do you think Grand Theft Auto IV would have done $500 million [in opening-week sales]? To me, video games are just reaching the real mass-market now. That is going to translate to the MMO side of the business.'

Source: Develop

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