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Sacred 2 - Interview #2 @ GamePro

by Dhruin, 2008-05-14 01:18:09

The second part of GamePro's interview with Ascaron on Sacred 2 is up, discussing the story and then enumerating the character classes.  The first bit of a long answer on the story:

GamePro: Can you elaborate on the story of Sacred 2?

AE: For aeons, The Creator has been designing worlds. He populated each of these worlds with an intelligent race to ensure he would be worshipped. Since the beginning of time, the Seraphim and their leaders - the Archangels - have been by his side to assist him. And thus the cycle remained in harmony, until the Archangels took it upon themselves to forge their own world. They siphoned the ethereal creative energy without The Creator's knowledge and used it to forge their own planetary creation, placing several intelligent races upon it. Each of these races were given the freedom to pursue their own goals. The Archangels named this world Ancaria.

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