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1Up - Six New Techs That May Shape PC Gaming

by Magerette, 2008-05-15 20:05:41

1UP has  what they refer to as a "weird science" feature article up on some technology that may --or may not--influence future PC gaming. Here's some of the intro:

...so we present for your consideration six emerging technologies that might change the way you play PC games in the future. Or may not. From brain-wave scanning to pupil tracking to peripherals that simulate a Serengeti breeze, these devices -- some prototypes, some real products you can buy today -- are nothing if not creative. And their creators are hoping you'll want to play with them every day.

They look at several new techs, and mention that this one revolving around peripherals simulating physical environment may work well in games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Oblivion:

Surround yourself with sights and sounds (and fans)
Product: AmBX PC gaming peripherals
Manufacturer: Philips
Price: $299 to $399
Available: Now
What is it?
A scripting language (and shorthand for "ambient experiences"), AmBX powers a veritable SkyMall catalog of sense-stimulating PC peripherals. Forward-facing fans blow Taco Bell wrappers across unventilated game rooms while simulating gusts and breezes. A vibrating wrist rest brings rumbling console controller tech to keyboards. Mood lights mounted on 5.1 speakers cycle colors to match onscreen activity.

But this is the one that quite literally "caught my eye" :

Look to make you leap
Product: EyeTech
Manufacturer: EyeTech Digital Systems
Price: N/A
Available: Now...in places like museums. For games? Who knows.
What is it?
A camera, mounted underneath a monitor (or somewhere nearby), tracks your eyeballs as they roll around in their sockets. After a quick calibration sequence, your pupil movements translate to the PC screen, meaning your PC knows exactly what word, icon, or image you're staring at at any given moment.
Possible applications?
EyeTech showcased the most obvious: Make spaceships blow up simply by looking at them. (Replace saucers with user-uploaded images of peoples' heads for some high-grade Scanners-style fantasy fulfillment.)...

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