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Space Siege - Preview @ Games Radar

by Dhruin, 2008-05-17 13:59:03

Originating with Jim Rossignol and PC Gamer UK, Games Radar has a preview of Space Siege:

What’s more, this is a game that is reworking the familiar in entertaining ways. The donkey sidekick in Dungeon Siege was one of our favourite characters in a game, and his role is partially reprised with the arrival of a lovely orange robot who will accompany you. Like you, he’s eminently upgradeable, and you’ll be able to take tech that you’ve scavenged to either overhaul the robot, or build new variants if he gets destroyed in battle. The game gives you a hub base to return to after the fighting, so expect regular rest stops to consider quite how you’re going to spend your upgrades. Just how much cybernetic work do you want to do on your human hero? Hmm.

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