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Vanguard: Rob Matzker Profile @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-07-11 04:35:00
Sigil profiles one of its own in a new Employee Spotlight feature at the official Vanguard: Saga of Heroes site.<blockquote><em><b>Who are you and what do you do?</b><br>Ia "!m Rob Matzker - web developer, build master and tools guy. I work with Sean Hamilton to create and maintain our web presence while also keeping the gamea "!s build tools updated. When I am not spinning the web, I play keys in a San Diego rock-n-roll jam band called Moontucky Risin.<br><br><b>How did you get your start at Sigil?</b><br>It all began in when I was accepted into EverQuest Beta - Phase 3. I instantly fell in love with the style of game play and the awesome 3D worlds that Brad and his team created. After the March 1999 release date, I played the game almost non-stop and eventually joined the guide program, because I could not get enough of EQ and wanted to help fellow players. It was there where I met many cool people including Michelle Butler, whom wanted me to come out and be a Game Master on her team at Verant Interactive.</em></blockquote><a href="http://www.vanguardsoh.com/ES-07-07-06.php" target="_blank">More...</a>
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