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White Gold - Preview @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2008-05-23 11:47:37

From PC Zone UK, CVG has a preview of Deep Shadows' White Gold that serves as a reasonable overview:

What sets White Gold apart though, is its grounding in roleplay. You may well be able to drive tanks and nip around on quad bikes, but this Caribbean jet setting will be complemented by an inventory system straight out of Deus Ex and a full set of roleplay perks and experience.

Whereas Boiling Point had a tendency to bury its stats, this time everything is simplified and upfront, with three upgrade slots for a myriad of different abilities - whether it's to do with chatting to the locals, skinning wildlife, better sniping or the sudden knowledge of how to throw a jar of jam into an enemy's face and watch him get covered by jungle-sized insects.

Source: Blues News

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