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Jumpgate Evolution - Interview @ MMORPG

by Woges, 2008-05-23 15:43:07

Carolyn Koh gets an interview from the Connect event in the UK.

“So what exactly is Jumpgate Evolution?” I asked, requesting for a description in a nutshell. It’s a spaceflight trading game. Its story, trading and economy. It’s Freelancer / Privateer Online.

“We have Keith Baker, the writer responsible for Eberron in DnD writing the back story for the game,” said Scott. “We’ve created a really rich backdrop and you write your own story. There are three nations and sub-factions. Each group provides different missions.”

“It’s all ship play,” said Hermann, “and the selection of a nation provides you a path; if you need one to follow. You will be balancing faction gains and losses when you perform missions. Factions are locked into a nation, but not to a subfaction.”

“Otherwise,” said Scott, “you are participating in a living world, and integrated system, interacting with the AI which is also moving, acting and reacting. It is emergent behavior and players are a part of it.”

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