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Fallen Earth - Q&A @ Official Forums

by Asbjoern, 2008-05-25 22:00:29

The official forums bring us a fan Q&A with ten questions that have been answered by the developers of Fallen Earth:

4. Have you thought about providing a bot for clans/organizations/whatever - chat (like in Anarchy Online, as example, even if the bots there are provided by players)?

Currently, we don't have plans for something like that. We may look at adding something similar eventually, but it would be way down the road.

5. Will we be able to choose our own color for the clothing we make as crafters?

On some items, yes. Generally, clothes can be made in a number of colors, but most armor cannot. For example, most shirts, pants, and shoes have multiple color options while Marauder Plate or Safari Shin Guards only come in one model.

6. Aside from glasses and eye patches, what else can we put over the eyes - a cloth that goes over one eye or both?

All sorts of stuff: 3-D glasses, visors, gas masks, safety goggles, monocles. Currently, bandanas or other cloths cannot be worn over the eyes.

Source: WarCry

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