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RPGWatch - New Poll

by Dhruin, 2008-05-27 14:07:39

So, Baldur's Gate is our favourite series, collecting 29.52% of the vote and comfortably ahead of second place Fallout, with 20.13%.  Some way behind in third place is Ultima with 13.97% and then we have Gothic (10.81%), NWN (10.58%).

Trailing well behind we have Might & Magic, Elder Scrolls, Realms of Arkania and the AD&D Gold Box series.

The next poll asks "Which cRPG has your favorite endgame?"

The endgame includes the actual ending as well as the gameplay immediately leading up to it, so please consider both elements when voting - hit the link on the right to head to the forum poll.

Thanks to the thread in General RPG and everyone who participated for the selections and Prime Junta for the reminder. 

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