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Night Watch Review & Movies @ Gamespot

by Kalia, 2006-07-11 13:37:00
Gamespot has finally gotten around to reviewing Night Watch and slapped it with a "mediocre" rating of 5.4/10.00.
It doesn't help that the movement in the game is somewhat awkward and very imprecise. It seems simple, because you just have to click the spot on the map where you want your character to go, and the artificial intelligence is fairly apt at finding paths around obstacles and through doors and such. However, the movement lacks precision, usually getting your characters only within the general vicinity of where you clicked. If there are obstacles or other characters nearby it becomes a jumbled mess, which makes it difficult to select a target when attacking or using items. You can rotate and zoom in the camera, but that rarely offers a better perspective on the action.
Read the rest here. To see what they're talking about, there are two gameplay movies for download as well.
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