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RPGWatch Feature: The Whole Game in My Hand #9

by Dhruin, 2008-05-28 11:02:58

Mike "txa1265" Anderson has put together another massive article on the current state of handheld RPGs, with nine games reviewed in addition to overviews for each platform.

Here's a bit on Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII:

I have already mentioned how great the game looks, but I really just need to elaborate a bit because it is more than good looking - it is drop-dead gorgeous. The cutscenes - of which there are many - are equal to watching a theatrical CGI film on your PSP in terms of visual and audio quality. Voice acting is rock-solid throughout. There are also plenty of in-game scenes, which are also great to watch but contain my single complaint - there is scant voice acting despite watching the character's lips move. It seems petty, but in such a great looking game it is a shame that more of the lines weren't voiced. The look and feel of the rest of the game - characters, settings, effects and so on - are also very well done. Put simply this game looks better than almost any PS2 game and stands head-and-shoulders above pretty much any other PSP game (except the recent God of War: Chains of Olympus).

Read it all here.

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