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Mass Effect - Reviews @ AtomicGamer & GameDaily

by Magerette, 2008-05-30 17:53:14

More reviews of the PC version of Bioware's Mass Effect, including this one from Atomic Gamer, who give it an overall score of 92%. With so many reviews out, it's hard not to be repetitive, but here's something a little different on the mini-game angle:

 There's also a new hacking minigame that resembles, of all games, Frogger but the "cars" are little blocks in concentric circles and you have to dash your way through to the center. The problem here is that they replaced the 360's annoying and repetitive mini-game with a somewhat different one that you'll see dozens or hundreds of times by the end of the game. If Bioware wants to keep using mini-games, they need to spend more time on this and create multiple ones for different kinds of hacks. I'm pretty sure that 2K Boston has learned this lesson after BioShock's hacking/plumbing game.

GameDaily also has a short review up, again with a very favorable score of 9/10:

 Although the game suffers from a few minor bugs, including a small number of missions that don't show as completed when finished, some computer controlled teammates that have trouble following orders and occasional glitches when switching between movement and hacking mode, the PC version of Mass Effect is superior to the Xbox 360 release. The mouse and keyboard controls are so natural that they improve the game's performance at practically every level. Combat benefits from the precise controls and large number of hotkeys...

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