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GamesRadar - Getting into Characters--10 Best & Worst

by Magerette, 2008-05-31 16:19:07

GamesRadar has a short article up spotlighting PC Zone UK's take on the 10 best conceived game characters, and the 10 worst.  There are some familiar RPG and semi-RPG names on the list, including Morte from Planescape:Torment(#6 Best), HK-47  from  SW:Knights of the Old Repulic series(#4 Best),and #1 Best, Shodan from System Shock:

System Shock has a strongly defined storyline. SHODAN provides you with a tormentor, an ally, a betrayer. Her story is handled in such a remarkable way; her interaction with you is completely natural within the immaculate storyline - it’s easy to imagine the System Shock games as a movie, but it’s the very best example of a filmic storyline playing better as a game.

SHODAN is the benevolent chip who had her ethical considerations hacked away, turning her into a passionate megalomaniac, and a casual liar. She’s not mad - she’s consistent and reasonable. She’s just reasonable on her own twisted terms, which, with an inch of empathy, aren’t even that twisted. We’ve seen SHODAN at her most powerful and her most vulnerable, and although we never once suspected she’d reform and become a dutiful little AI on a mining vessel again, she never failed to be anything other than an enthralling and intelligent enemy and ally. She gets the top spot because she’s every definition of awesome.

Worst entries include a lot of non-RPG characters, with a few exceptions. Xana from Dark Messiah of Might & Magic comes in at #7 Worst, and #2 Worst is Martin Septim from TES IV: Oblivion.

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