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Mass Effect - PC Game of the Month @ IGN

by Magerette, 2008-05-31 16:38:02

In addition to giving Bioware's Mass Effect for PC a stellar review earlier this week,
IGN has also picked it for their Game of the Month, edging out Stardock's expansion Galactic Civilizations II:Twilight of the Arnor. Here's an excerpt:

...we had to give the edge to Mass Effect because while not only is it a full game as opposed to an expansion, but it's also the best RPG on the platform since The Witcher more than six months ago.

Mass Effect is a game that you simply must play if you love science fiction or role-playing games, and it's definitely worth consideration even if you played the Xbox 360 version of it already. The PC version has been enhanced and revamped in some ways for the PC, but you also get the better version with faster load times, unlimited save slots, higher resolution graphics, and more.

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