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Jumpgate Evolution - Preview @ TTH

by Asbjoern, 2008-06-03 15:55:06

A preview of the crafting and PvP systems in Jumpgate Evolution is up at Ten Ton Hammer. Here's a bit on the progress of the game:

As Scott explained the corporations, Hermann was piloting the ship around one of their latest “sky boxes,” a brand new upgraded look for a battle station. When Hermann got closer to one of the stations, I immediately noticed some improvements made upon the original model. Not only was the station physically bigger, but each of the pieces were more detailed; it simply looked better than it did before.

“Our art team is a victim of their own success. They keep making things look good, so I keep making them go back and improve upon their old models.”

“The scary thing is, that’s actually half the polys of the old model,” Scott said. “They’re going nuts.”

From what I could see, the new station looked exquisite, much more like a city than what I had seen previously. When I looked closer, I actually realized that the fighter Hermann was piloting had a different look as well. I made a comment about it, and Scott chimed in.

“We’ve actually designed a variety of skins for each of our fighters as well,” Scott said. “We have red, chrome, and all sorts of other things.”

As the fighter pulled up to the station, it was readily apparent just how huge the actual station was compared to the fighter. In a word, the station was immense. Even the frigates, which could have held two or three fighters, were dwarfed by the massive building.

But that wasn’t the end of the structure. Along the sides and around the different areas of the structure, the station had all sorts of factories and refineries outside for players to use. Hermann maneuvered his fighter around each of the building and asked me to imagine what the space would look like with hundreds of ships flying around the structure. I commented that it would probably look like a beehive with hundreds of drones buzzing about the structure.

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