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Mass Effect - Q & A @ Play.TM

by Magerette, 2008-06-03 17:11:39

If you haven't had your fill of Mass Effect interviews yet, this one at play.tm with Bioware's PR man Matt Atwood is short and to the point about EA, alien sex, the differences between the console and PC versions, etc. As usual, Dragon Age is only injected as a side note:

The PC format has taken some flak lately. Do you believe consoles are starting to marginalise the PC - making it the preserve of MMOs?

I think what's imperative for the PC market is that the content delivered is suited for the market. We believe strongly that the PC is a very viable platform and we have plans to support it in the future with highly anticipated titles like Mass Effect for PC and Dragon Age...

How is Dragon Age progressing?

It is really looking great. I played a build just recently and the team is really making huge strides. We're looking forward to showing it off soon.

Source: Blues News

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