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Mass Effect - Latest Reviews @ Action Trip & CVG

by Magerette, 2008-06-05 18:47:48

BluesNews posts links to two more reviews of Bioware's Mass Effect for PC, the first at Action Trip, scoring the game 8.8/10: 

When creating the Mass Effect setting the designers have no doubt been inspired by Star Wars. Certain elements resemble the Star Wars universe...Mass Effect was acknowledged for its incredibly involving and well-written storyline, which continually compels gamers to play on in order to uncover more about the mysterious evil that threatens to destroy the galaxy...Creating deep and profound relationships with characters is also an essential part of the experience and something which most games lack these days. Suffice it to say, if you're looking for a thrilling and immersive story, Mass Effect does the job alright and will make you want to complete the entire game

Computer & Video Games goes even higher, with 9.2/10. They praise the combat style as an improvement over earlier games:

Most importantly though, fighting is fun. A common issue with KOTOR and Jade Empire was how floaty and distant combat felt, but in Mass Effect you
can turn the tide of battle with a well-placed shot, cunning use of cover, using appropriate weaponry or manipulating distance to your advantage.

For a BioWare RPG, you feel shockingly in control of your battles
...Once you've gained mastery of your squad, combat becomes a symphony of paused squad orders and real-time execution, and the thoughtful re-interpretation of the UI allows for a new feeling of grace and satisfaction. 

Source: Blues News

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