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Sacred 2 - Preview @ Gamespot

by Magerette, 2008-06-07 17:34:11

Gamespot  does a short hands-on preview along positive lines for CDV's and Ascaron's action RPG, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, scheduled for release later this year: 

In addition to the seraphim and shadow warrior, you can choose a high elf, dryad, temple guardian, and inquisitor. With the exception of the seraphim and inquisitor classes, you can choose to embark on either a light or dark campaign. While the seraphim is the epitome of good and can choose only a light path, the inquisitor is a great big jerk capable of wielding dark T-energy and scaring small children. Consequently, only the path of shadow is available to him.

The customization options are fairly deep for each class. At this point, you won't be able to create a character from scratch, and we were forced to play as a preset shadow warrior, although CDV is looking into some basic cosmetic customization options to make your character your own. The first important customization choice is to select your own personal deity. Each class begins with 15 combat arts, so you won't have to waste time power-leveling for special attacks. Each of the six deities will unlock an additional five combat arts for you


Source: Blues News

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