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King's Bounty - First View @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2008-06-11 00:41:36

Jonric has whipped up one of their (very) short First View articles for King's Bounty, essentially summarising some basic info.  Here's the "commendations" part:

As a demonstration that it may warrant considerable attention internationally, King's Bounty was named best game and top RPG at this year's KRI development conference in Russia, where it has also achieved bestseller status. It marks the return of a property that grognards may remember; the original was created by New World Computing, and is sometimes considered part of the famed Might & Magic franchise. The art direction fits perfectly, capturing the aesthetic feeling of the classics while updating the visuals to current standards; even at first glance, some rather imaginative monsters and eye-catching combat animations quickly stand out. The combat system appears to balance good accessibility with enough depth to keep the learning curve interesting over the course of playing through the entire campaign.

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