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Sacred 2 - Preview @ OXM

by Dhruin, 2008-06-12 01:03:20

A short preview of Sacred 2 from the Official Xbox Magazine is now available online:

Comparing Sacred 2 to the Diablo series shouldn’t be taken as a dismissal — it’s actually a statement of fan love. Action-RPG fans haven’t had a new Diablo game since 2000 (sob!), and CDV’s Sacred sequel looks like it might finally scratch that old itch. Six unique characters — some on the light path, some on the dark, with appropriately different goals and missions — set out in a medieval fantasy world some 22-square-miles huge, hacking and slashing their way through 100 core campaign quests… along with about 650 (!) side quests. The critical path should take about 25 hours, but who won’t want to wander and explore some of those extras? Especially considering that each character can buy mounts to help them get around — dark-path Inquisitors, for instance, ride on the back of a giant spider, while the cyborgian Temple Guardians tool around in a giant mechanical wheel. (It looks cool in motion, trust us.)

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