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Obsidian Entertainment - Morality in Games, Part 2

by Dhruin, 2008-06-15 22:19:24

You may recall Chris Avellone wrote a blog post on morality in games some time back.  Part 2 is now up on his blog at Obsidian's site - here's a sample from the opening:

What do you personally consider to be a typically good character?
A good character is one who places others before himself, and is willing to let his character suffer physically, financially, and materially in order to help someone else. They sacrifice, in the recognition that the act of sacrifice is the reward in itself. Sometimes I fear that games undermine the power of these acts by always consistently rewarding good players and punishing evil ones, which ends up making the choice a false one.

What do you personally consider to be a typically evil character?
An evil character puts their self before all others, and lets others die or suffer if there is something to gain by it. They are the ones who kill anyone who blocks their progress, steal from others, lie to gain trust, and do anything to get ahead.

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