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Mass Effect - Reviews @ GameShark, 1UP

by Magerette, 2008-06-18 16:26:30

GameShark joins the club with their lengthy review of Bioware's Mass Effect, giving it a score of A-:

What I really find fascinating about this game is what it has to say about race. With so many alien species working for, with and against each other, Bioware could easily have squandered an opportunity to explore the very human traits of fear, bias and outright insecurity that often lie at the heart of race relations. Instead Mass Effect revels in its exploration of these issues, both in the form of aliens that don't like or trust humanity, and humans that don't much like or trust these aliens. It's compelling stuff.

Ultimately, Mass Effect is everything a fan of Bioware has come to expect from the company. While it may not offer the complexity of the old Baldur's Gate games, at its core, it's still an RPG fan's RPG. It has the kind of melding of action, adventure and character work for which the company has been known for a decade and it's the type of game we gamers don't get nearly enough of anymore.

1UP also posts their take, with the same score of A-:

Mass Effect illustrates just how much the BioWare crew loves '70s-era sci-fi. The clean, white color scheme adorning the walls of the curve/archway-heavy Citadel Presidium (a sort of intergalactic U.N. building) makes the place look like an illustration for an Asimov/Herbert/Niven novel, and the harsh alien vistas and groovy space suits are things that Gene Roddenberry could have used in the creation of Star Trek. Heck, even the soundtrack echoes Vangelis' work for Blade Runner.

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