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Hard to be a God - Adapting Russian Literature @ Gamasutra

by Dhruin, 2008-06-19 22:55:27

Gamasutra has interviewed Akella's Stepan Vakhtin about the process of turning the Strugatsky brothers' Hard to be a God novel into a game.  Bit of an odd article and here's a snip:

Why did you decide not to follow the narrative of the book directly?

SK: Frankly speaking, that’s a bundle of reasons that drove us. Firstly, we felt it could be quite boring and trivial to follow the narrative of the book just word-for-word. Secondly, we at our dev team are true fans of the Strugatsky brothers’ written heritage. We were always so much enthusiastic about following up on what they created, you know, what could happen afterwards, may be some time after the events described in the novel.

So when we finally embarked on the challenge, it became totally clear – our time had come to feature our own variant of what might have happened later. Incidentally, we received a great support in composing the storyline and dialogs, making the overall setting from one of the authors of the table edition of the Hard to be a God game.

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