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Sonic RPG - Interview #2 @ Gamasutra

by Dhruin, 2008-06-21 02:11:12

Gamasutra has spoken with Sonic project lead Mark Darrah about BioWare's first handheld project and mixing a Japanese with western RPG design:

The motto of BioWare is "The best story-based games." Sonic has been ridiculed recently for both the way its story has been going, and overall as a series. How do you loop that back?

MD: The interesting thing is that Sonic, when you start digging into the IP, is an immensely well-developed IP. There are comics, there are cartoons, and there is all this back-history that's been laid out. So there was an amazing amount for us to draw upon, and refer to, and pay homage to as we made the story.

I mean, I think the big thing is, we're making a storytelling game, while for most of the Sonic titles - Sonic Rush, for example - the story has to be injected between the levels, so it limits how they can tell story.

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