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Alpha Protocol - Interview @ Next Gen

by Dhruin, 2008-06-21 02:20:44

A trip to Obsidian's offices by Edge Magazine sees an article-format interview-cum-preview of Alpha Protocol at Next Gen:

“We were looking at what we wanted to do after KOTOR,” says Parker. “There’s not a whole lot of player skill in Knights Of The Old Republic – strategic skill, but not running and shooting.” This decision to put the focus on what the team is calling ‘action skills’ is defining Alpha Protocol, but there’s little chance of Obsidian making a spy-based EDF clone. “RPGs are really what we do: that’s our shtick and we don’t intend to deviate from that. We’ve been working with d20 games forever, so it was a lot of fun to design a new system that does exactly what you want it to.”

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