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Sacred 2 - Preview @ Gamersinfo.net

by Magerette, 2008-06-23 16:47:30

Gamersinfo.net posts a hands-on preview of the action RPG sequel from Ascaron and CDV, Sacred 2:Fallen Angel and seems more than ready to get their hands on the actual game as a result:

Having spent time with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel in the past, I've been confident it would fill the need of the RPG-junkie pretty well. My recent experience assures me that it is just the right mixture [of] swords, sorcery, breast-enhancing armor and high fantasy to be a serious contender for a very long term addiction...

There is a reason this title has been four years in development with a team of 100 people. Environments range from the expected volcanic calderas to lush forests, with a few that simply aren't seen enough — swamps and archaeological ruins. The desert is, as expected, a barren wasteland; the reward for daring this area is oases which provide powerful unique items...

The monster AI adjusts its aggression levels based upon character and party size, but not by scaling the difficulty of the monster. It uniquely adjusts the group size of the attacking mob until the fight becomes even. If you are of no consequence, you will be left alone; if you are too powerful, the mob will wait until it can gather additional creatures before attacking.


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