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Darkfall Online - Dev Update

by Woges, 2008-06-27 19:32:52

 Tasos posts on the Darkfall forums about the recent happenings on the development side of the game. I'll quote in entirety as I don't post so much news for this title.

Things are going well with the game testing and with the publishing activities. There are no serious problems to speak of, and we’re on schedule with our milestones.

A couple of things that have us excited: The Darkfall world has been up in its entirety and seeing it all together we have to say that it’s a truly massive world, it’s larger than some countries. You can spend many hours just running through it, and there are so many amazing locations to explore.

There's a focus on optimizing our massive battles capability; we want them to run as smoothly as possible with as many players as possible. We’ve been simulating massive battles and sieges with more than two hundred characters and getting a good 30-60 fps on average machines so far. Under normal loads we typically get over 150 fps and there are still several optimizations to be made so we expect these figures to improve quite a bit.

A little on what’s going on here other than development and business:

We've started collecting in-game footage for a video update which is taking a while being low in the immediate priorities list, but moving along. There have been a couple of magazine interviews; we’ll let you know which ones when they come out. There are a couple of requests for online interviews which we’re doing as well.

We made a Darkfall presentation at a local college with a videogame development program while there to recruit some junior QA personnel. Kjetil and I went there and we were happy to meet a lot of friendly and capable people. We were very pleased with the reception and the reaction to the game.

We’re expecting some community members here in early-mid July, people who will be passing through or vacationing in Greece. These are people we’ve never met before that sent us emails on the occasion of their visit. We hope to be in a position to receive them properly; we really can’t plan that far ahead at this stage but we’ll do our best. Over the years we’ve received several visitors that just popped by, a recent one being Asp from the Lords of Death who wrote a piece about Darkfall
and another being Bakatron who also wrote about his visit.

There are a couple of updates that are forthcoming, and we’ll try for a Q&A a journal, or something along those lines for next week.

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