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Piranha Bytes RPB - Gameworld FAQ @ WoP

by Dhruin, 2008-07-02 01:23:20

World of Piranha Bytes has a multi-lingual official FAQ on the mythology, setting and gameworld for PB´s upcoming RPG with the codename RPB. In general, RPB will have a setting and gameplay very much like Gothic, although PB promises the entire setting is new and fans will appreciate items like shields and dual-wielding.

The real name of the game will be revealed at the upcoming E3. A teaser site with not much more than a countdown is supposed to go online every minute. 

WoP also hosts a couple of tutorials written by PB team members. Some of them are in English, others in German, often with English annotations to the screenshots. Head over there if you want to get  first hand lessons on the creation of graphic assets.


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