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Mass Effect - Review @ PlayTM

by Magerette, 2008-07-03 16:47:39

Another glowing review for Bioware's Mass Effect(PC) is up over at play.tm, with a score of 96%. They particularly liked the end game:

All too often a game will exert itself trying to emulate the look, dialogue, action and presentation of Hollywood while ignoring one vital element - the conclusion. Time after time gamers would battle their way through hours of gripping gameplay and enjoy/endure increasingly complex narratives only to reach the climax and find out that, in fact, there wasn't any such thing to be had. It's as if developers forgot that at the end of each and every movie, (excepting oddballs like No Country for Old Men) there's closure, where the various stories and plots come to an end and are tied up, leaving the viewer with a sense of satisfaction from a journey well taken. Often I suspect this omission is down to time constraints, or if I'm in a cynical mood, because developers/publishers reckon only a minority of people will see the game through to its end so why expend resources in actually delivering one?

Therefore it came as a relief that despite its wonderful production values, it's hauntingly excellent score, interesting characterizations and an overarching plotline that gently veered from the hokey to the genuinely captivating that Mass Effect ends with a bang, not a whimper.

Source: Blues News

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