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Darkfall Online - Fan Q&A

by Woges, 2008-07-03 18:08:04

 The promised fan Q&A is up, here's a snip.

Is a staff/wand and reagents needed for healing spells as well?

You always need a wand or staff to cast, but some spells don’t require reagents. Other than spells for healing you can use potions, food, and resting to recover hit points.

In a war is it possible for me as a lone wolf, to hide in the city about to be sieged, and then kill whoever I want, or will the city be closed apart from to those involved?

I said earlier in the Q&A that we try to move away from MMOG half-measures. So you’re free to do what you asked if you could do. We don’t lock any players out of events or locations like sieges, quests, dungeons, etc.

Will there be sabotage that can be performed against enemy towns which doesn't involve siege warfare?

You can destroy buildings at the rate of one per day without a siege. You can disable buildings without any limits. By ‘disable’ I mean that you can bring their structural integrity down to zero which negates all bonuses the building may give out, and functions that it may perform.

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