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Vanguard - Producerís Letter

by Woges, 2008-07-06 12:54:17

 Talks about updates and returning to the game for a free trial.

As most folks probably already know, we've just recently started what we internally call a "win back program". As one might assume from the name, the goal is to bring back former players who for whatever reason quit the game. To that end, we've turned on all cancelled or closed accounts this month to let those players come back and see everything that has changed in Vanguard over the course of the last year and a half.

So far we've been really happy by the results and for anyone who has spent time in game lately, especially around one of the starting cities you'll likely notice a lot more new faces popping up. With all the bug fixing, performance increases, new features (like flying and racial mounts) and just general polish that has been done over the last year, we're expecting good things from this campaign to get folks to give Vanguard another look.

Additionally, we're also hard at work on three big new items right now – the Isle of Dawn ( Trial Island ), Game Update six and the second phase of the character model revamp. The plan was always to release them all when they were ready, and we are working on each as a separate entity unto itself. However, with the way things are shaping up it is looking like rather than having to space them out and keep folks waiting we will actually be able to launch them all at the same time. So depending on how you'd like to look at it, Game Update six could be considered a mega-update of sorts.

We know folks are going to want to know what date this stuff will be launching, and while we like to avoid setting exact dates in stone this far out we can say that you can expect all three things very shortly after the Las Vegas Fan Faire (which takes place on August 14-17 th – and you're all coming, right!?).

Now, we realize that is about six weeks away still but these are some pretty significant updates and we want to make sure we take the time to get them right before sending it live for you guys. For anyone who is interested, some of this stuff will start popping up on the test server in the very near future (and we will give updates on that as it happens).

We also realize that now that we've got everyone excited about this stuff that making everyone wait is kind of a mean thing to do. So we're also going to be doing a much smaller update sometime between now and then that will add some smaller new stuff (like factional armor rewards among other things). More details on that will be coming shortly.

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