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Alpha Protocol - Preview @ Games Radar

by Dhruin, 2008-07-08 12:26:58

From PSM3 UK via Games Radar comes this preview of Obsidian's Alpha Protocol that includes some criticism of the combat and lack of ammo:

But the shooting seems a bit ropey at this early stage. The Middle Eastern setting is where we get to see his trigger-finger in action, and he’s all kitted out in desert-camo while swirling sand clouds whip around the valley. The duck and cover system – as you’d expect – allows you to pop out and fire off a few rounds before heading to safety as we see while Mike’s about to descend into the enemy base via a zip-line. Two quick pops on a red barrel and the wagon parked next to it that goes up in an impressive looking explosion. Even better is the fact that the blokes within the blast radius are still on fire and screaming for mercy – so Mike obliges and pings a couple of headshots with an assault rifle. The best thing about the shooting mechanics is that enemies will drop after only a few bullets, the worst and most confusing aspect is that you never run out of ammo – so why bother to sneak about when you’ve got this endless arsenal? Hopefully, we’ll see a change before the 2009 release. 

Source: Blues News

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