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Alpha Protocol - Preview Blog @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2008-07-09 23:54:13

I'm not quite sure what the difference is between a preview blog and just a standard preview but GameSpot has an article on Alpha Protocol based on the recent Sega conference call:

The guns in the game are loosely based on real-life models, but they can be heavily customized with various modifications and ammo upgrades. In fact, Obsidian says that upgrades are a good way to counterbalance a lack of gun skills. If your version of Thorton is a lock-picking wizard who excels in stealth, you can compensate for the fact that he might be a terrible shot by upgrading your gun to high heaven.

Of course, you don't have to run around with guns blazing if you don't want to. Characters who specialize in skills like hacking and gadget use can affect the environment in such a way as to minimize the amount of combat they'll need to do. It's entirely within the realm of possibility to sneak around and perform stealth takedowns if that's what you'd like to go with.

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