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Legend - Hand of God - Interview @ Destructoid

by Dhruin, 2008-07-10 00:28:37

Jan Beuck from Master Creating has popped up at Destructoid with a Q&A for the pending release of Hand of God in NA. Since we haven't heard much since the German release ages ago, here's the intro question:

Legend: Hand of God is an action role-playing game, but does the focus tend to be more on the action (slicing through hordes of ferocious monsters) or the role-playing (story, character development, NPC relationships) aspect?

Jan Beuck
Legend has a stronger RPG bent than comparable titles. While you will spend most of your time fighting monsters, the world, the story, and the character development play a bigger role than in typical action-RPGs. For example, you can travel through the entire world without level breaks; there are multiple-choice dialogues, lots of sub-quests and so on. Additionally, we implemented many innovative features; for example our unique mouse cursor which takes the form of a small light elf – a character in the game world. Not only does it constitute a sort of sidekick to our hero, but it’s also the player’s light source, illuminating the dungeons and casting dynamic light and shadows.

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