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Jumpgate Evolution - Preview @ Gamespy

by Woges, 2008-07-10 14:03:55

 Gamespy write up a preview for the new vision of Jumpgate.

 Jumpgate Evolution has been in development for a few years already at Netdevil, and the overwhelming vibe is that they're aren't in a hurry to push it out the door before it's ready -- a positive when it comes to an MMO. As for where Evolution stands in regards to the original's story, that's probably a question best left for a wiki-lore-keeper. The folks at Netdevil evidently take their mythology very seriously. On a basic level, it involves a race of space organisms called the Conflux (think: Cylon fighters from the reenvisioned "Battlestar Galactica") bringing the three distinct human races that comprise Evolution's factions to the brink of extinction. A good enough premise for what amounts to a massively-multiplayer take on Freelancer, is it not?

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