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Alpha Protocol - Preview @ Worthplaying

by Magerette, 2008-07-13 17:33:06

Worthplaying adds their bit to the previews coming out on Obsidian's espionage-themed RPG, Alpha Protocol:

Stepping out of a fantasy/science-fiction realm places certain restrictions on RPG gameplay and character development, and Obsidian seems intent on respecting the "reality" of the situation. However, as Alpha Protocol team member Nathan reports, the original design for the game was more purely realistic, perhaps approaching simulative. Eventually, as Nathan says, "Thornton is a super-agent, so he should be a cut above a normal human being." This realization pushed the team to greater balance between realism and elements more fantastical, like handing Thornton some skills that defy real-world physics. An example: Thornton has the ability to stop time in order to line up shots with firearms, something akin to "magic" in a "realistic" RPG, but benefiting the game by adding a better ration of control and excitement to gameplay...

Alpha Protocol is clearly shaping up as potential motif-changer in modern RPG gaming, an evolutionary title that may well open doors for more traditional RPG developers to occasionally shelve their tried, true plot constructs, creating from scratch original stories free of dependencies upon wizards' fireball spells, elves' crossbows or space privateers' plasma lances. The well-trodden traditions in RPG titles provide a certain comfort zone, and will surely remain fun to play and a stock sub-genre of RPG gaming; but the potential to create RPG fans out of gamers who don't favor sword and sorcery or fantastical, alternate-universe science fiction is an important move in games development, and perhaps much needed to keep the role-playing genre in good health indefinitely.

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