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Alpha Protocol - Preview @ GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2008-07-17 22:40:00

Although describing the action part of Alpha Protocol as "a bit lackluster", GameSpy's preview also says there are "lots of dialogue choices":

In the end, the Obsidian demonstrator took the less aggressive path and chose to fast-talk his way in. When he got inside, however, he found that all hell had broken loose thanks to an invasion of mysterious "G-22" agents who seemed to take offense at Mr. Thorne and rudely shot quite a few bullets in his direction. It was here that we first saw the game's combat system in action. The first is a live action run-and-gun mode similar to Mass Effect, in which the player's chance of hitting and speed is affecting by 10 upgradeable skills. The second is an order-while-paused mode in which the player can give Thorne commands to use a variety of physics-defying skills such as one that allows him to charge into a room and blast away with machine guns, loosing more rounds than the weapons are technically able to handle.

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