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Depths of Peril - Review @ KansasCity.com

by Dhruin, 2008-07-19 00:12:07

We get to get away from the repetition of E3 a bit today.  KansasCity.com has reviewed Depths of Peril, opening with the requisite Diablo references but acknowledging the innovation.  The score is 3.5 stars and here's a snip:

The goal of the game is to defeat or ally with the other Covenants (there are at least three, and often more) and become the undisputed ruler of Jorvik.

While the basis of the game lies with undertaking quests, adventuring out into the randomly generated world to complete them, collecting treasure and useful items, and increasing a character's powers, the other Covenants are all doing the same thing.

Take too long to complete a quest and another Covenant will do so instead, gaining influence and the tax monies that go with it; allow a powerful monster to roam the land unchecked, and it will gather a band of followers, making it harder to defeat.

While rival Covenants can be enemies, they can also be friends. The game features an extensive set of diplomacy options: Players can trade, negotiate and even form alliances with other Covenants. Or they can go to war, attempting to destroy the enemy Covenant's lifestone, a large gem that restores health, resurrects fallen Covenant members and is required for a Covenant's survival.


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