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Sacred 2 - Optimised for Notebooks

by Dhruin, 2008-07-19 00:27:15

Yeah, this announcement is as much a chance for some unbridled cross-promotional PR as anything else (Intel Centrino!) but as someone who gave up their desktop/gaming PC at the start of the year (Intel Centrino!) in favour of a laptop, it's about time developers started considering us. Here's a snip courtesy of Worthplaying (and the incredible Intel Centrino!):

In the development of the notebook gaming technology in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, the focus has been on 3 main areas, namely core processes, graphic optimization and notebook-specific features.

Notebook-specific features include essential items such as in-game battery and wi-fi indicator displays, and the Ad-Hoc multiplayer mode (AMM) which is an innovative approach to gaming “on the move”, delivering fast Ad-Hoc wireless game creation and joining. All functions are actively supported by the Intel Centrino Processor Technology.

Commenting on Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for notebooks, Heiko tom Felde, Managing Director of Ascaron Entertainment GmbH, explained, “Mobile PCs now account for over 60% of all PC hardware sales. Over the past few years this has created a huge market growth which is often disregarded by other major releases. The philosophy behind Sacred has always been to be accessible to everyone, in terms of gameplay, entertainment and system requirements. Notebooks and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel go hand-in-hand, allowing everyone to participate in the positive and rewarding game Ascaron has developed.”

Commenting on the partnership between Intel and Ascaron, tom Felde said, “Our relationship with Intel has been superb. The level of support and professionalism provided by Intel is reflected in the performance of Sacred 2 on notebook systems. We are pleased that Intel opened their doors for Ascaron to work so closely and feature Sacred 2: Fallen Angel as the leading showcase for Intel’s exceptional new Centrino2 platform.”

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