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Gods & Heroes: Stieg Hedlund Interview @ MMOSite

by Dhruin, 2006-07-14 23:10:00
Perpetual's Stieg Hedlund has been interviewed at MMOSite, covering an overview of Gods & Heroes:
MMOsite.com: Currently, we can only experience battle through some screenshots and videos released. Regarding combat system, can you convey an overall concept for us?

Stieg Hedlund: GnH has a highly interactive, action-oriented combat experience. The characters involved in melee combat genuinely interact; strikes make contact, when there is a parry, blades meet, and then there are moves like the GladiatorA!'s Lucator Throw where he can pick up and move his opponent. This system has a visceral payoff that is far beyond what other MMOs present, and is much more akin to console-based fighting games (think Soul Caliber).

Ranged combat and spell casting have equally fantastic animations and special effects that make each of those systems equally rewarding experiences. All of them are very involving you have to pay attention to what's going on and be ready with appropriate attacks and counters.

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