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Mount & Blade - Preview @ Boomtown

by Dhruin, 2008-07-30 12:39:50

Boomtown serves up a preview of Talesworlds' Mount & Blade:

In mounted combat it is all about how you tilt your body and ready your weapon. Where you hit your target is also critical. There is nothing more satisfying then slicing an unsuspecting soldier in the back of the neck for a coup de grâce. When not saddled up combat on foot is just as entertaining. How you fight all depends on the weapon you use. Fighting with a shield is a simple affair of swinging your one handed weapon and blocking in a timely manor.

Without a shield is a different story. You have to wait for your opponent to raise their weapon at which point you press the block button the deflect the incoming strike from whatever direction it was aimed. Its a bit hard to get to grips with, when you first try the combat you'll make many mistakes. However you can get better quickly and become thoroughly enthralled in the battles.

Source: Blues News

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