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Hero Online: Preview @ GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2006-07-14 23:11:00
GameSpy is the next site to look at Hero Online:
There's a certain style of MMO that's quite popular in Korea and other Asian markets that faces great difficulty transferring to the West. MMOs like Lineage II and the upcoming Archlord are built around the idea of huge guilds working together to accomplish massive, massive goals. In Lineage II it's the control of one of six enormous castles that dot the land. The problem is that their very design necessitates players subsuming their desire for individual glory and achievement to support their guild. There's very little to do for the solo or small guild player in such games, and even the most dedicated guildie can be worn down by the incessant grind with little to personally show for it. This isn't something that goes over very well with people more accustomed to games built around individual achievement.

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